Online EHS Congress – April 21-22 2020


EHSCongress-AdThe EHS Congress 2020 is an annual event which gathers Health & Safety professionals from across Europe. It was initially planned to be held in Berlin on April 21-22. Instead of cancelling or postponing it, the organizers decided to transform it into a web conference.

Experts from various global industries led presentations to around 140 attendees, regarding subjects from EHS & Sustainability to the global impact of the Covid19 pandemic. Frederik Van Eetvelde from Antea Group Belgium had the opportunity to present our company on April 22 during a flash 5 minutes slot. Donna Lynch from Antea Group USA and François Pouet from Antea Group France also participated to the event to listen to the participants’ questions, take advantage of networking sessions, and collect leads. An event followup campaign with the 100+ current and potential client contacts from the event is currently underway, led by the Antea Group international private sector development team.


new teammates


On the 15th of April, Anuj Sharma has joined Antea India as the Vice President and Head of the Environment, Health & Safety Department. Anuj has 22 years of experience in EHS / Environment fields and has worked on many projects and programs in India and South Asia for numerous European, US, Japanese and Indian clients, both direct and through various International inter-company offices.

On the 17th of March, Gerhardus Wijbenga joined the international department of Antea Nederland. Gerhardus was already working for the Urban Planning department of Antea Nederland and will continue to do so. He will support the international department specifically in the international field of urban development and spatial planning.

Since August 1, 2019, Antea France has had a permanent office in New Caledonia, a French territory.

After 7 years in the Infrastructure team of Antea Group France in Paris, Roxanne Hamblin took up the challenge and is our representative to develop our businesses there. She oversees business development in New Caledonia but also in the other Overseas French territories in the Pacific (Wallis and Futuna, French Polynesia).


Aura Carrasco is back at Antea Group, as Marketing Specialist for the International Division of the group.Born in Mexico, Aura carried out a six-month internship last year with us, as the last step of her digital marketing master degree, that she successfully passed.

Based in the Paris office (France), she will contribute to roll out the marketing & communication plan of the international division. Right now, she is especially focused on the creation of our future new international website. She is also in charge of the management of the LinkedIn page ‘Antea Group International’, on the creation of new international selling tools, on lead generation campaigns and internal communication.