“INDiv”: the Internal International Newsletter


The International Division is pleased to present you the first edition of the “InDiv News”: the International internal newsletter of Antea Group.

In 2018 the Antea Group Board announced the objective to further extend our international exposure beyond Antea Group’s home countries. To implement this process of internationalization, the ‘International Division’ was created, led by Tatiana de Lizaso, with the following members : Halila Nsakala for sales assistance, Aura Carrasco, Sylvie Haugeard for marketing and communication; and 7 key senior representatives of the major home countries, with great international experience : Richard Smallegange (The Netherlands), Philippe Cleyet-Merle (France), Anna Rylina (Belgium), Ben Hansen (USA), Carlos Martinez (Spain), Witold Rusin (Poland), Daniel Balo (Brazil). Our mission is to successfully generate international business together, addressing the customer’s needs as a single, functioning Antea Group. Many other colleagues in each country have also worked for many years on international business and will continue to do so. The International Division team enables a stronger coordination among Antea Group entities, proactive international business development and cross-selling.

As Antea Group quickly evolves, with 3,200 employees in various countries, and regular acquisitions like Antea Group Poland last year, the purpose of this internal newsletter is to give you some news about our international business and hopefully allow you to discover some new insights regarding our activity: e.g. examples of international wins, ongoing opportunities involving sister companies, key resourcing announcements and new services offered by our global team.

We hope that you will find some insightful information here.
Please don’t hesitate to reach us for any question or suggestion!

Internationally yours,

The International Division

Tatiana de Lizaso

Halila Nsakala

Aura Carrasco

Sylvie Haugeard

Richard Smallegange

Philippe Cleyet-Merle

Ben Hansen

Anna Rylina

Carlos Martinez

Witold Rusin

Daniel Balo