Audit of the TransMilenio bus system in Soacha (Colombia) by ICEACSA


Audit of the TransMilenio bus systemEmpresa Férrea Regional de Cundinamarca is the transport company in charge of the public transport of Bogota area (Colombia). Its TransMilenio BRT bus network needs to be extended: the public transport system is currently sized for 100,000 passengers per day; with the new extension, it will be able to deal with more than 400,000 passengers per day.

The consortium formed by ICEACSA Colombia and Euroestudios (TPF group) was awarded the integral audit of the work contract for this TransMilenio extension project in the city of Soacha close to Bogota. The contract includes the control and monitoring of the work contracts for various aspects - technical, operational, administrative, legal, financial, accounting, environmental and commercial - as well as the calculation of remuneration and the definition of actions required to meet the objectives of the work contract. The works will be developed until 2022 and ICEASCA’s mission will continue during the first 5 years of operation.

With a length of 1.3 kilometer, the project scope will include two stations with bi-articulated bus stops, an intermediate station which will have nine feeder bus platforms and six trunk platforms. Investments for these works are estimated at USD 68 million and will be financed by the Colombian Ministry of Transport, the department of Cundinamarca and the municipality of Soacha.


Total revenues for Antea Group:  6,500,000 euros for a duration of 8 years

Contact: German Pineda (ICEACSA Colombia), Carlos Martinez (ICEACSA Spain)