AB INBEV water project in Honduras to be carried out by Antea Group Brazil


AB INBEV- HondurasAntea Group Brazil received a strategic order by AB InBev, the world’s largest brewer, for a Water Source Vulnerability Assessment in its Honduras based manufacturing plant. The main objective is to identify the water supply vulnerabilities for the San Pedro Sula City brewery and to provide the appropriate recommendations to minimize possible water stress conditions that exist in the studied watershed. The senior consultants of Antea Group Brazil will conduct this project in two steps. The first step will be carried out remotely and consists of researching the environment where the brewery is located along with analyzing the brewery’s production and consumption data. The second step will be carried out when the site visit can be completed, after the current pandemic.

The main aspects that this study will cover are the following:

  • Natural environment of the watershed (hydrology, geology, hydrogeology, climate and associated ecosystems);
  • Anthropic impact in the local and regional environment (near the brewery site and in the watershed area);
  • Evaluation of the potential hydric stress of the region (dialogue with local communities will be key to answer this question).

As a result of this assessment, Antea Group will present recommendations to improve the water management strategy not only in the brewery operational footprint, but also in the basin region as a whole. If some gap information is identified, additional studies will be recommended.

Total revenues for Antea Group USD 15,000

Contact: Daniel Balo